Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does online registration end?

Registration dates vary for each program. Contact the office if you wish to question when registration ends for a particular program.

2. Why does it state classes are "unavailable" when the classes have not yet begun?

Unavailable can refer to the fact that registration for the class has not yet begun, the registration period has ended for that class or that registration will now be accepted by walk-in or mail-in only.

3. How many slots are available online?

100% of the slots are available online.

4. Can I register online once a program begins?

It depends on the program. Basically, if you cannot process your registration online beyond the first day of class, then registration has been closed off online. Contact the office to inquire if registration will continue to be accepted in the office.

5. Can I register through the use of a smart phone or tablet?


6. What family members may be included in a household?

Only those family members who reside in the household.

7. What is the acceptable form of payment for online registration?

Accepted methods of payment are VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card.

8. If a program is cancelled how do I recieve a refund?

If a program is cancelled due to insufficient registrants or causes beyond its control refunds will be given automatically.

9. What is the prerequisite for swim lessons?

The prerequisite for swim lessons is a pool pass. The pass must be purchased before registering for swim lessons.

10. Who can be on my family pool pass?

A family pool pass is limited to two adults and the children living in the household. All family members must be added to the shopping cart.

11. How long is a pool pass valid for?

The indoor season pass is valid from October through May. The outdoor pass is valid for the summer months.

Key to Icons

The Cart button with a green plus symbol to the left of the screen will add the selected item to your shopping cart. The button will turn blue.
The Cart button with a red X symbol will not allow you to place the selected item into your shopping cart.
The Information icon (i) displays the descriptive details for the item.
The Price tag displays the cost details for the item.
The Building icon will display location information.
The Grid icon displays enrollment counts and information.
The Star Icon allows you to add or remove your items from the wishlist.

Recommended browsers are IE 9+ or a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.